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Custom Printed Takeaway Packaging

We offer a wide range of custom printed take away packaing, ideal for fast food restaurants, available in multiple sizes. Our products include:

- Hot Food Boxes
- Large Family Size Hot Food Boxes
- Burger Boxes
- Chicken Boxes
- Fish and Chip Boxes
- Chips Boxes / Chips Scoops
- Pizza Boxes

Hot food boxes / Chicken Boxes / Fish and Chip Boxes, and Chips Scoops / Chips Boxes

Our hot food boxes boxes, burger boxes, chip boxes / chip scoops can be custom printed with CMYK full colour artwork and logos, on white food grade cardboard. The inks that we use are compatible and adhere to food packaging standards and they are also safe to microwave for instant re-heating.

If you are looking for something different we are able to produce bespoke take away boxes, which can be specially designed to your meet your requirements, for more information please contact us on 0345 163 5180.

Minimum Quantities

Hot food boxes / Chicken Boxes / Fish and Chip Boxes25,000
Large family size hot food boxes15,000
Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes 5,000
Chip boxes / chip scoops25,000

Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes come in a range of sizes between 8 inch and 27 inch, they are constructed from white or brown corrugated boards. We are able to produce custom printed pizza boxes with up to 2 colours, this is ideal to give your pizza boxes a bespoke design to match your company branding.

What makes our pizza boxes very attractive is that we manufacture the boxes in house using our die cutting machines. We use high quality materials so they are sturdy and environmentally friendly. They are also designed to be crush resistance and provide stacking strength. They also come with a smart looking design and vent holes to prevent internal condensation.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable material.

Each custom design will go through a process where it is fully inspected by our staff to ensure that the design we provide for you is of an excellent quality.

If you are looking for something a little different, why not try our custom designed printed pizza boxes to elevate your gourmet pizza presentation, with quantities as low as 2000.

Minimum Quantities

Pizza Boxes 8 inch - 27 inch2,000 / 3,000

Custom Printed Grease Proof Paper, Food Wraps, Chips Paper Bags

We custom print Food Wraps, Deliwraps, Burger Wraps, Grease Proof Paper and Chips Paper Bags which are grease resistant and can be printed in up to 4 colours. All of our grease proof paper products are ideal for general hot and cold take away packaging or wrapping. Our products are 100% food safe.

We can also custom print our grease proof paper with a newspaper style design which makes them perfect for fish and chips wrapping sheets.

Our chip bags are available in an 8inch x 8inch size and they can be custom printed with a bespoke design

Minimum Quantities

Food wraps, Burger wraps, Grease proof paper sheets5,000
Chips / Fries paper bags10,000

Custom Printed Takeaway Paper Bags

All our paper bags are suitable for take away food packaging.

We supply custom printed take away bags in up to 4 colours, on either plain brown or white kraft paper, they are ideal for those in the food industry who are looking for an alternative to plastic bags.

Minimum Quantities

Paper Bags10,000

For any further information on any of our take away packaging please feel free to call us on 0345 163 5180

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